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The 6 ways to avoid motivation downers that will keep you motivated and keep yourself from getting discouraged.

Do you find yourself becoming weary with time and without adequate inspiration to sustain your motivation? Don’t let your insecurities run your life; here are seven ways you might be holding yourself back.

text on dark chalkboard believe in yourself motivational phrase do not give up in difficult times and go to success stockpack adobe stock 300x200 - 6 Tips to Avoid Motivation Downers1. You don’t believe in yourself.

You may not be driven to reach your objectives because you don’t think you can do it or that you deserve it deep down (or maybe not so deep down). Well, let’s try to avoid this motivation downer.

Developing confidence in yourself is a key component of boosting your motivation. Start by acknowledging your strengths and take small steps every day to work on tasks that seem challenging at first. If their tiny steps, that’s okay.

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The more you do this, the greater your belief in yourself will become.

2. You don’t have a plan or don’t know what to do next.

It’s difficult enough to achieve your objective and create a new entity, but doing it without one is near-impossible.

Think about what’s blocking you from reaching your goal and brainstorm a few ways to overcome those obstacles. The more your learn how to brainstorm, the more you will get rid of roadblocks in overall life.

Creating a plan of action with measurable milestones will help ensure that you’re always making progress and avoid aimless wandering. Breaking your ultimate goal into manageable steps also allows you to better assess and adjust your progress along the way.  Get a notebook and write out your plans!  Remember, baby steps to avoid motivation downers

Then put your plan into action and make sure to track your progress along the way!

3. You overcommitted yourself.

It’s possible that you have too much on your plate right now, and you need to clean it out.

While self-assurance is vital, it’s also important to be realistic. If you aim to save a million dollars this year but make less than six figures, you’ll most likely abandon your goal once you understand it’s out of your reach.

Set goals that are within your capabilities to achieve.

confront your fears sign with clouds and sky background stockpack adobe stock 300x218 - 6 Tips to Avoid Motivation Downers4. You’re scared.

You may, in fact, be delaying your fate because—believe it or not—you’re afraid of what you might achieve. You may also be scared of the consequences if you accomplish your objectives.

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Confront your worries by writing them down and processing them with a buddy or loved one, so that you don’t lose passion due to anxiety about change.

5. You’re stuck in the past.

You might be going back to similar efforts in the past, and getting caught up in the tale of how it didn’t work out last time.

Wipe the slate clean and get on with it—if you dwell in the past, you’ll never be able to make progress.

6. You’re not getting the support you require.

Take a moment to think about those around you. What are they saying about you and your objectives? Are they being encouraging and checking in on how you’re doing, or are they belittling your goals and abilities?

The energy vampires! Spend less time with people who drain your motivation, or at the least avoid including them in the conversation.

We hope you’ve found these six ways to be motivated helpful. It can be tough to find the drive to keep going, but hopefully, with a little inspiration, you can push through and achieve your goals.

And don’t forget to pass on what you learned here to our children – they are our future and we want them to be as motivated as possible!

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  1. I can relate to number 2. I feel like I spend a lot of the time looking over my shoulder for a nonexistent person to tell me what to do next.

  2. I’m terrible at motivating myself. The fibromyalgia doesn’t help.

  3. Thank you for these great tips

  4. thanks for these lovely tips

  5. I am struggling with this right now, because things are overwhelming and im job searching and not having a lot of luck!

  6. feel like nice weather helps

  7. totally this daily mantra

  8. i read this every day.

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