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Funny stuff right there, oh hi, so I’ve heard that you just graduated and you’re looking for a job. Well, of course you are cuz. Those bills won’t be paying themselves. But what is this? I heard that you’re scared of interviews Fret, not my friend, for I have the interviewing techniques just for you. Welcome to the late, but not so late, show I’m your host Professor Vig, and today I’ll be teaching you job interview techniques that’ll make you look like a boss, except that you, don’t get to start as a boss. That much is certain now this particular technique was inspired by a former premier of a South Eastern Asian country. He was known for his charisma and confidence in his interviewing skills. This will be the core of this interview technique. Allow me to present the Bijan technique or BIJ. In short, Job interviews have gotten hard in recent times with competitions. Getting tighter Fresh graduates have adopted the Bijan technique that have impressed ten out of ten of their future bosses. Here are some success stories. Take Rajdev, for example, he’s a fresh graduate owning an engineering degree. Smart. Yes, Interviewing techniques, not so much, But after adopting the BIJ technique, not only did he get the job, but he also impressed his boss. Rajdev is a BIJ Good on you Rajdev Up. Next, we have Shirley, Shirley has been out of the workforce for a long time and she’s struggling to compete with the youngsters of today. But by applying the Bijan technique, she’s able to convince her employee to overlook the age factor and she has never looked back since going on to become a successful manager. It goes to show that, no matter how old or young just like Shirley, you can be a successful BIJ. Well done So let’s get down to business and learn about the Bijan technique. Oh my yes, my child. My mommy has also gotten a job using the Bijan technique. Well, son. That makes you a son of a BIJ. Now the Bijan technique can be learned in these simple steps. First and foremost always dress, to impress First, impressions are essential in getting the interview to a right start, and the Bijan technique is of no exception to this golden rule. Nothing says I’m ready for this job than looking smart and suave on the day of the interview. Secondly, in order to win your eventual employer, you need to have the confidence, the inability to flinch at the sight of adversity. You need to speak with fluency and, with a certain swagger Show, your boss, that you mean business. For example, You’re halfway there, my friends With your newfound skills. You have taken charge of the interview, but your interviewers will try to regain control and fight back. I’m here to help teach you how to counter react to all of it. Divert At All Costs Make sure that you emphasize on your strong points and your strengths to the interviewer to make sure that they don’t get back at you watch this clip So, Mr Kyle, can you tell me more about your Academic qualifications? Yes, let me talk to you about my favorite hobby playing the piano. I’m told that I’m a very good. No, Mr Kyle, I want to talk about your educational background, specifically your examination results like in your younger days. Ah, yes, you know, I develop my interest in music at a very young age. Sorry, let’s talk about your educational background. Okay, it says here that your examination results are not all that flattering. What no! No! No. I will not say anything about that. I mean if you’re wan na talk about my piano skills. Then I will talk to you. Yes, we will get there, but I need to know about your educational background. You know what no no I’m done. I will not say anything Random mumbling. You’RE NOT BEING FAIR TO ME. Come on Mr Sui calm down. Listen, Mr Sui! This is a job interview. Am i right? This is a job interview. Am i right? Yes, I need you to please sit down so that we can continue the job interview. I need to You know what no no, I would not say anything anymore. If you want to talk about my piano skills, then I will sit down and I will talk to you. Okay. Okay, let’s talk about your interest in music, Okay, specifically in piano. Okay, fair enough: Let’s talk about this Okay, so in COMPLETE RELATION to this job interview, tell me how? How does your skills? How do you think your skills as a pianist would benefit this company? Okay, let’s start with what grade are you in? Ah grade one, So there you have it. Kyle has managed to stamp on the interview with nothing but his strengths, not allowing the interviewer to focus on his weaknesses. It’s a small step, but Kyle has put the Bijan technique into good practice and soon he’ll be taking little steps into the adult corporate world. This video perfectly demonstrates on how you can get your dream job and if you still can’t get your dream job, it’s, not our fault. It’s. Yours, You,’re, the b, tch

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