Karaoke as Stress Buster… What’s Yours?

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Everyone has but it just doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do to catch a breather and get refreshed to battle on!

One of my favorite buster is karaoke.

Can I sing?  well.. I wasn’t blessed with the kind of vocals I wished for.. lol

I find karaoking as a great reliever because I’m actually doing breathing exercises and its tons of fun too!

Here’s my latest recording.  Artist is the Potbelleez – I never heard of the Artist but I do love their beat! 🙂

Singsnap is an online karaoke site, so no need to go out to the karaoke clubs unless you want to.  I like SingSnap because the site is so easy to maneuver.

You can listen to other performances, record your own karaoke rendition, or simply just sing without recording (for those shy ones out there).

The setup is easy! All you need a microphone and soundcard and you are ready to become a Karaoke Diva!  They have free or paid memberships, if you would like to try it out.

What is your buster? Let us know by posting a comment…

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