Below you'll find a list of market research survey sites that will pay you for your opinions on different subjects, products, advertising and more. Just sign up and start answering questions for a couple extra bucks in your pocket or as I call it 'FUN' Money!

GoBranded Surveys (formerly MintVine)

This is going to be a site you need to sign up if you want to get paid to take surveys! You will complete surveys and offers from brand name companies and get paid through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10! Click the Link below and see for yourself!  Get paid cash for sharing your opinion! Join the Thousands Who Have Fun Making Money Every Day with MintVine. [clink id="5"]Click Here for Free Signup![/clink]


If you enjoy answering quick surveys and getting compensated for my time and opinion then this is the survey site you must join.  They have a unique TraitScore system depending on the amount of surveys you take. Â The higher your TraitScore, the more you will earn for each survey answer.  survey site you need to visit everyday for surveys and earnings. You can also participate using your mobile device. Earnings are paid via Paypal. Free registration, in which, they pay you up to $1.00 to complete registration.  CLICK HERE to Sign UP

Finger on the Pulse Community

Welcome to the Finger on the Pulse Community! A site that really focuses on your opinions on a variety of topics. Whoever you are … We want to hear from YOU! Why join the community? Not only do you, first hand, get to join thousands of other users in participating in fun activities, but also have a chance of winning our monthly prize draw of $100 e-card rewards! So grab a chair and lets get the ball rolling! We are absolutely thrilled and excited to see you in there!  Join now


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