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As someone who enjoys wearing makeup but also values skin care, finding a product that can serve both purposes can be a real game changer. That’s why Covergirl’s Clean Fresh Color Correcting Serum + Primer caught my attention. Not only does it provide a base for makeup application, but it also helps to correct and even out skin tone.

This product comes in a sleek, white tube with a pump dispenser. The serum itself is lightweight and blends seamlessly into the skin. It’s available in several shades, including green (for reducing redness), peach (for brightening), and purple (for combating dullness). For those that prefer a more natural look, there is also a clear option.

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my skin. My complexion appears more even and the redness around my nose and cheeks has been greatly reduced. The formula is also non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

While the product does provide a smooth base for makeup, it’s not the most long-lasting primer I’ve tried. If you have oily skin or sweat heavily, you may find that your makeup starts to shift after a few hours. However, for a more natural, everyday look, this primer works great on its own.

Perhaps the best thing about this product is that it’s affordable and accessible. It’s available at most drugstores and retails for under $10. Plus, Covergirl is a cruelty-free brand, meaning they do not test on animals.

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Overall, I would highly recommend the Covergirl Clean Fresh Color Correcting Serum + Primer to anyone in the market for a lightweight, color-correcting product that won’t break the bank. It’s perfect for those who want to even out their skin tone without having to wear a full face of makeup.
Free Covergirl Clean Fresh Color Correcting Serum Primer - Free Covergirl Clean Fresh Color Correcting Serum + Primer

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