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Free Copies of the Eagle Books Series in English: Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living among Native American Children

In an effort to promote healthy eating and active living among Native American children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) partnered with the Indian Health Service (IHS) and Native American communities to create the Eagle Books series. This series of eight children’s books, which feature animal characters and traditional Native American values and themes, seek to inspire children and families to make positive choices for their health.

The Eagle Books series, which has been widely used in schools, tribal programs, and health clinics across the country, is now available in English at no cost to individuals and organizations through the CDC’s online ordering system. This means that families, educators, and health professionals can access these resources for free and distribute them to children in their communities.

The series follows a young Native American boy named Rain That Dances and his friends, who learn about healthy living from wise animal characters such as Mr. Eagle, Rain’s grandfather, and the Three Sisters (corn, beans, and squash). Each book focuses on a different aspect of health, such as physical activity, nutrition, tobacco prevention, and emotional health.

The stories are complemented by colorful illustrations and interactive activities, such as word searches, puzzles, and healthy recipes. The books are also available in audiobook format, which features narration by Native American actors and traditional music and sound effects.

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Why is the Eagle Books series important? According to the CDC, Native American children have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases compared to other racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. These health disparities are often tied to historical trauma, poverty, limited access to healthy foods and safe places to play, and other social determinants of health.

By promoting positive health behaviors and cultural values through storytelling, the Eagle Books series aims to empower and inspire Native American children to take charge of their health and well-being. The series has been praised for its culturally appropriate and respectful approach, which emphasizes the strengths and resilience of Native American communities.

In addition to the English edition, the Eagle Books series is also available in six Native American languages: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), Navajo, and Tohono O’odham. The translation process was led by Native speakers and cultural experts, ensuring that the books are linguistically and culturally accurate.

The Eagle Books series is a valuable resource for educators, health professionals, and parents who care about the health and well-being of Native American children. By sharing these free copies with children and families, we can help promote healthy habits and a sense of pride in tradition and culture. To order your free copies of the Eagle Books series, visit the CDC’s website today.
Free Copies of the Eagle Books Series - Free Copies of the Eagle Books Series

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