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Living with diabetes is not easy. It’s not fun, but it can be done with a lot of determination and effort. I was diagnosed with diabetes about 13 years ago and there are foods (and sugars) diabetics have to give up but in the long run the diet is key.

As people get older, more and more of them are diagnosed with diabetes. It’s an unfortunate disease that can lead to several complications. But on the bright side, there are ways to help control the symptoms.

Diabetes is a disease where your body has trouble processing carbohydrates. Often times people with diabetes need to inject themselves with insulin, as opposed to diabetic pills. This is great as it saves you time and extra trouble. However, there are still a number of guidelines that you need to follow. You will want to get enough exercise, eat healthy and maintain a good weight.

When to see a physician because of diabetes:

Less than 7% of Americans with diabetes have been diagnosed as having diabetes. If you show any of the symptoms below, it’s important to see a doctor. 3% of people with diabetes aren’t aware that they have it, and 20% show no symptoms at all.

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Some of the symptoms of diabetes are:
•Excessive thirst.
•Frequent urination
•Excessive fatigue

The goal is to maintain your body’s normal blood sugar levels by monitoring them regularly and adjusting your diet, lifestyle and medications appropriately. A diabetic needs a diet that is high in complex carbohydrate.

Complex carbohydrates are foods such as grains and whole grain products, fruits, and vegetables that contain more than one type of sugar.

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What is high complex carbohydrate?

•Whole grain products, such as whole-wheat pasta, pita bread and brown rice will have a lot of complex carbohydrate.
•Foods with a lot of fiber are also high in complex carbohydrate. Whole-grain bread, bran cereals and beans all have fiber. Fiber does not raise blood sugar quickly, so it is a complex carbohydrate.
•Fruits also have large amounts of complex carbohydrate, with the exception of most fruits containing a lot of sugar (such as bananas and pineapples).
•Beans, lentils and peas are rich in complex carbohydrate and are found in many of the world’s cuisines.
•Vegetables have complex carbohydrates, but a lesser amount than fruits.
•Meat and poultry have a very small amount of carbohydrate (usually less than 1 gram, but as much as 2 grams per serving) since they are predominantly protein.

Living with diabetes is to moderate diabetes

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Diabetic Helpful Tips to follow:

•The most important thing to do when you have diabetes is to control it.
•You can substitute fruit or vegetables for the meat and you can add low fat dairy products to your diet.
•You should take in a lot of fiber in your diet.
•Try not to eat for 3 to 4 hours before going to bed at night.
•Drink lots of water. Water is so beneficial for diabetics. I think my body tells me to ditch the iced teas and coffee and just have a glass of water.
•Don’t eat foods with too much fat, sugar and cholesterol. Yep, it’s time to give up the chocolate bars.
•Go for more vegetables and fruits in your diet. This is a good time to try a new fruit or vegetable that you haven’t tried before. Build up your diet by adding lots of fruit and vegetable.
•If you have diabetes don’t forget to take your medications.
•Try to exercise regularly — even if it’s just a short walk.

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Living with diabetes doesn’t mean having a stringent diet and being stuck with needles and pills for the rest of your life. Another way of thinking about this is that you are feeding your body what it needed all along.

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