Perennial Essentials Flexible Cutting Mats Review

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Cutting Mats that are different from the rest

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I was always concerned using the wooden cutting board because of germs. Call me a germophobic but I kept seeing the gouged-in cutting marks left by cutting and imagined all the germs the cutting board contained, no matter how many times it was washed.

The Perennial Essentials Cutting Mats have really thought of every concern that we may have when using cutting boards. Eco-Friendly, Bactekiller (Anti-Microbial) Protection, Self-healing, heat resistant and they make dicing, cooking, and cleaning a breeze.

Each Perennial Essentials Cutting Mat measures about 12×8 inches and color coded in 4 bright basic colors to brighten up any kitchen. They also have icons to avoid cross contamination: red – meat, yellow – fuit, blue – fish, green – vegetable.

So, what sets these eco friendly, flexible cutting mats apart from regular cutting boards is that they are made of a special “Wolverine” silicone. They self-heal and resist damage, so there will never be any gouged in cutting marks. They will last a long time.

The mats are convenient while cooking as they are flexible enough to carry and add ingredients to the pot.  No more lugging the big heavy cutting board or using extra dishes to make an “easy” transfer.

The task of cleaning is even better. Once, used they get put in the dishwasher and are safe in the heated dry option. They are actually heat resistant up to 110 degrees Celsius.  No longer is that big cutting board taking up space in the sink.

The flexible cutting mats are really to convenient to use in the kitchen. These mats have totally replace the use of my main cutting board.  I would highly recommend this for use in the kitchen.

You can find Perennial Essentials Flexible Cutting Mats on Amazon.

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