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I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE® and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However all opinions expressed are my own.

I have been a seasonal allergy sufferer for about a decade now.   

I do not like the fall season dictate how I'm going to feel and look.  If you have allergies you'll know what I'm talking about.  

The fall season is the most difficult season to get through with all the tree pollen and weeds.  My senses are bombarded with the dust and air-borne pollution the rain or winds rustles up.    

I feel sluggish my eyes are watery and I have Rudolph's nose.  Oh! Let's not forget the dastardly nasal voice!  

The worst is trying to put on makeup to hide all these ALLERGY FACE® challenges that look back at me in the mirror.  So I can't enjoy a day outside with my son without my allergies getting in the way.

AllergyFaceLogo - Beat ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges with ZYRTEC®

Being an almost 47-year old Latina its very important how I look and feel.  

The fresh youthful appearance keeps me feeling good about myself mentally.  I tend to get a bit sad when I have severe allergies and I feel blah inside and have the dreaded ALLERGY FACE®.  

I don't feel beautiful at all when I feel so miserable with allergies.  

How many of you have felt allergies affect more than health?Well the makers of ZYRTEC® help the way you feel on the inside and have partnered with Jackie Gomez to help combat the beauty challenges that allergy sufferers encounter.  

Jackie Gomez is a makeup artist to stars like Beyoncé Zoe Saldana and Maite Perroni.  Jackie Gomez is an allergy sufferer herself and has perfected her beauty techniques to look healthy and flawless.   She has created six celebrity-inspired looks that disguise the dreaded ALLERGY FACE®.\r\n

Do you have any of your own beauty tips that help when your allergies flare up?

One of the looks that I will be used is Jackie's eye-mazing transformation which was very easy to accomplish and it disguises the puffy eye look.  I started with a bronze cream eye shadow and blended in the lower lid to the crease.  That was it!  

It's simple yet effective don't you think?  

I then applied blush and matching lipstick.   I usually wear powder eye shadow but felt the difference it made by switching it to a cream-based eye shadow.  

I am no longer adding to my own allergy problems.  I personally think it gave more emphasis on the lips; the color is lighter than I usually wear but I loved the new fresh look.  

Check out the other five ALLERGY FACE® Cover-ups here and let me know which one works for you.  I'm sure you'll see the difference it makes.

EyemazingTransformation - Beat ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges with ZYRTEC®006k - Beat ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges with ZYRTEC®

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ZYRTEC® is an awesome over-the-counter quick relief.  It starts working in the first hour to get me back feeling normal. ZYRTEC® (cetirizine HCl) also happens to be the number one brand allergist recommend.  

I love  the 24-hour ZYRTEC® Dissolve Tabs as I can take it anytime and they do come in handy when I'm on the go.  The tabs just dissolve in my mouth with no need for water.   It takes care of the watery eyes sneezing and runny nose that the allergy triggers brought on.Zyrtec blackR logo 1 - Beat ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges with ZYRTEC®You can find more ALLERGY FACE® beauty tip advice by visiting  Connect with ZYRTEC® on Facebook and on Youtube!


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