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Single parent homeschooling!

As if single parenting wasn’t difficult enough..

As some of you know, I started homeschooling my kindergartner son this year.  Like all homeschooling newbies, I went in with a very positive outlook and in the midst of all the homeschooling I did a feel a bit overwhelmed at certain times.  Single Mom life is crazy sometimes but it gets even more crazier when you throw homeschooling in the mix.  But, single parent homeschooling can be done!

Ever since I’ve been a single mother, I’ve pushed myself to reach the goals I’ve set for myself.  My focus and drive is always providing for my family.

Then, single parent homeschooling began!

Yes, I decided to add a little more to my already busy schedule.  Did I feel overwhelmed?  YES!  I had the opportunity to listen to podcast about Homeschooling as a Single Mother that helped me get my perspective back after feeling a bit discouraged one day.

Kaiden and I finally accomplished what we never had before…  We finished our daily assignments in one day! This was a monumental moment.  Kaiden was yelling “Woo! Woo!  I did it!  I did it!”  He had seven lessons to complete.. Math, Handwriting, Language Arts, Phonetics, English, Science, and Music.  That’s a lot for a kindergartner.

I could tell he was very proud of himself as much as I was of him.  This gave us both a feeling of accomplishment.  For Kaiden, it’s a positive feeling of finishing his lessons on time.  For me, it’s seeing that it can be done and most importantly, seeing how much my son enjoys learning.

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I am starting to see the positive effect homeschooling has for both of us.  The feeling of being overwhelmed is lessening every day now. I am now seeing this was a great decision I made.

I also founded a very active K12 Oriental Trading Co-Op that purchases homeschool crafts and supplies as a group at Oriental Trading.  Oriental Trading Supplies are great but do I really need 30 of the same items for one child?  It also saves me a lot of valuable time instead of spending hours online searching for supplies.  By joining the Co-op, I only purchase what I need.

There are so many resources and support groups out there for single parent homeschooling.

Do you know of any other resources that are helpful?

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  1. I don’t do homeschooling but have so much admiration for those that do. Just reading these posts gives me ideas but I don’t know of a central one that has an outline of them. That would be helpful.

  2. Good for you for homeschooling! 🙂

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