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My son Kai absolutely has TRAINS on the BRAINS all the time.

Trains and more Trains.

My son’s favorite is Thomas & Friends.  No day goes by that I don’t hear a story about Thomas and his Friends.

I love the creativity with each changing story.  It seems his life revolves around Thomas.  He references everything to something he saw in his Thomas movies.

If he sees a bridge.. it’s not an ordinary bridge!  It’s the Shaky, Shaky Bridge!

It’s so bad that when he meets someone for the first time, he asks them “If they like trains”.  He basically gives me a daily lesson on all the train’s individual names!

Thanks to him I know half of all the Thomas’ friends, I think.

So, when I saw these Free Train App, I had to share because I know there are other TRAIN lovers out there.

You’ll have to hurry and download them because Amazon prices do change without notice.

Also, use the browser search bar to search for some of your children’s favorites.

He also loves to watch Umizoomi! The game is mommy-approved because he doesn’t even know he’s learning while playing the games.

Gosh! When I was I was kid, we didn’t have the technology that we have today but I always loved math. Just didn’t have this much fun! 🙂

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  1. Little Boys and their toys. Thanks for apps info. Thomas is a life saver.

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