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Single moms are not bad people

We are Real-Life Super-Heroes! In a way, that nothing hurts us, not even the single mom label!

The hardest and most rewarding thing I have done in my life is to be a Single Mom. I clearly remember taking care of a newborn and being up 24 hours, literally.

Everyday, Single Moms are faced with new struggles to overcome, new battles to be fought, and new barriers to confront.  We are strong individuals because of our circumstances.

We did not choose the circumstance, it happened, we recognized it, and we moved on.  Now, we, as mothers, have to care and provide for our children.

The word “quit” is not in our vocabulary. One of the strongest traits we pass on to our children.

Single moms work hard each day with our careers and go home to have quality time with our children.  We savor our weekend time together and make every minute count. What motivates us to keep going? L-O-V-E for our children.

And that’s one thing we, Single Moms, share with all mothers, single or not.

Although, some people may stereotype Single Moms because of poor examples other single moms have set for the rest of us.  We are judged by this label and not by our accomplishments in life, career, or school.  We carry that stigma and we fight to prove that we are not the stereotypical single moms.

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I am proud to be a Single Mom because it has made me the person who I am.  The single mom experience has definitely given me more determination and to keep a positive attitude towards life; because without those two characteristics, it simply would make life it bit more difficult.

Here’s a hip-hip for the single moms out there!  You are strong and beautiful!


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  1. The negative connotation that women face when they say they are a single mom is sad. When men are single dads, it is a positive connotation, like “Oh, wow, look… HE does it all.” This happens with a lot of things in our society and is a true presentation of the inequality between genders.

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